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Slow Medicine – A Video Series

Watch our video series as our Founder & Medical Director Gregory A. Plotnikoff, MD, MTS, FACP speaks to other physicians about the practice of Slow Medicine at the Minnesota Academy of Medicine conference in March 2019

See firsthand how our understanding of Slow Medicine can benefit you…

VIDEO 1 of 6

The Best Medicine May Not Be Medicine At All

A shocking lesson for a young doctor…
Listen here as Dr. Plotnikoff discovers what can often be more powerful than pills

VIDEO 2 of 6

Interview for Meanings, Beliefs & Interpretations

The power of a personal connection…
Watch as Dr. Plotnikoff discusses how understanding what’s important to a patient is just as important as knowing the diagnosis

VIDEO 3 of 6

Optimal Recovery is Both Curing & Healing

What makes a new doctor panic?
Listen as Dr. Plotnikoff reveals how the secret for the care of the patient is in caring for the patient

VIDEO 4 of 6

Physicians Need Time to Ponder & Generate New Questions

VIDEO 5 of 6

Be Aware of the Tyranny Of Bell Curve Thinking

VIDEO 6 of 6

Five Points of Iatrogenic Multimorbidity

How can the practice of medicine impede optimal wellness?
Watch here as Dr. Plotnikoff shares his thoughts