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Five Practices for Living Fully – MPR News Podcast

January 22, 2024

For those who missed this fabulous event, MPR News has rebroadcasted it here…

Fully Alive Until the End — Five Practices for Life’s Journey

Learn five simple and profound practices that will help you create a vibrant life full of self-discovery, joy, and gratitude

Listen as Cathy Wurzer of MPR News and our Integrative Spiritual Consultant Catherine Duncan, MA, BCC discuss Catherine’s book, Everyday Awakening: Five Practices for Living Fully, Feeling Deeply, and Coming into Your Heart and Soul

Gain insights as Catherine integrates the best of spirituality, neuroscience, psychology, and therapy so you can change how you embrace every day, every moment, and every choice

For people of all ages – from those interested in starting their journey of self-discovery to those wanting to age gracefully and live fully until the end

We’re so proud of the work that Catherine is doing

She is one of our partners who work with us to support our patients in the Five Fundamentals – Breathing, Eating, Sleeping, Moving & Loving

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