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5-Day Fasting Reset Program – Starts January 26!

January 20, 2023

Want to drop body fat – especially around your midsection?

Looking to optimize your anti-aging efforts?

Then join our Integrative & Functional Nutrition Consultant Cindi Lockhart, RDN, LD, IFNCP as she leads you through her 5-day Fasting Reset program.

Cindi has designed a fasting mimicking program that provides the same health benefits of fasting while still eating food.

Enjoy a reduced calorie, vegan, organic, ‘low inflammatory’ meal plan that is lower in carbohydrate and higher in fat that will help you lose weight, feel less bloated, sleep better, think more clearly and more.

Fasting has been shown to reduce the risk for many chronic diseases, increase a long, healthy lifespan, promote a natural reset in your body via autophagy (old, damaged cells replaced with new, regenerated ones), and switch on the body’s anti-aging mode, including suppressing tumor progression.

The program kicks off January 26 at 6 PM CST.

The 5-day fast begins February 3 and includes:

  • Seasonal Meal Plans
  • Recipes
  • Shopping Lists
  • Prep Schedule – What to prepare & when
  • Group Zoom Calls
  • Email Communication – Tips & tricks, etc.
  • Community via group support calls & chat forum

Two payment options:

  1. Pay as you go – $89/month (includes group support & updated resources)
  2. Pay one time at $89 then become a member at $39/month**

**What does the membership include?

  • Unlimited 5-day Fasting Reset cycles with group support (3 live Zoom calls with Cindi + community chat with other fasters)
  • Ongoing access to updated recipes & resources
  • Pilar Gerasimo’s 14-day Healthy Deviant Adventure FREE – Pilar helps you navigate & implement ways to live healthy in an unhealthy world!
  • Monthly Q & A sessions with Cindi – bring your burning health-related questions
  • Quarterly guest expert educational webinars
  • 10% promotional discount on additional services (1:1 consultation, lab testing, other programs)

Click HERE for program details and registration