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Embracing the Magical Journey of Aging: Three, New “Must Know” Resources

November 7, 2022

A message from Dr. Plotnikoff:

For all persons interested in optimal health and wellbeing while embracing aging, here are three, great, just-published books written by nationally-renowned, local authors that I am proud to call friends.

Beyond Menopause: New Pathways to Holistic Health
By Carolyn Torkelson, MD and Catherine Marienau, PhD

First, retired integrative women’s health specialist Carolyn Torkelson, MD, has published Beyond Menopause with co-author Catherine Marienau, PhD. You may know Carolyn from her many years of leadership at the University of Minnesota Women’s Health Center and in integrative medicine. She and I have presented together over the years and written articles together on thermography, as well as on herbal medicines for menopausal hot flashes.

Why is this book so important?

Women of postmenopausal age want to remain healthy, vital, and engaged, yet they are often overlooked in the healthcare system. In this phase of life, women need to create their own integrative path to wellness.

Beyond Menopause shows women how to prime their voice for self-advocacy and establish collaborative relationships with their health practitioners. Women are advised to create an adaptable network of practitioners to accommodate changing needs – their own “web of wellness.”

Beyond Menopause brings a fresh perspective to the mental, physical, and spiritual elements of holistic living. From the distinct vantage points of medicine and neuroscience, the authors guide women toward new pathways to optimal health and wellbeing.

Man Overboard!: A Medical Lifeline for the Aging Male
By Craig L. Bowron, MD

Second, practicing internist and humorist Craig L. Bowron, MD, has published Man Overboard. You may know Craig from his appearances on ABC and CBS affiliates in the Twin Cities or his frequent commentaries on Minnesota Public Radio’s MPR Morning Edition and MPR News with Kerri Miller. You may also have read his essays in the pages of Forbes, Slate, Washington Post, Huffington Post,, MarketWatch, Next Avenue, Minnesota Monthly, and MinnPost.

Why is this book so important?

Craig writes, “Learning about your health doesn’t have to read like a colonoscopy (informative, yes, but difficult to sit through without sedation). Staying healthy is serious business, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

Informative but entertaining, this must-read, head-to-toe guide provides actionable advice, so you can stop worrying about your health, do something about it, and get on with your life.

With chapters like “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs,” “Andropause,” “Sexercise,” and “Move It or Lose It,” you’ll learn how to eat right, address your risks for heart disease, exercise effectively, manage your weight, reduce stress, deal with back pain, avoid the three cancers that men commonly develop, know if your T levels are right, navigate challenges in the bedroom, deal with thinning hair, and handle getting older­ – not unscathed, but with a sense of control and dignity. It’s for men of every ethnicity, BMI, hair pattern, shoe size, IPA preference and sports predilection (including none).

Think of it as the ultimate checklist for your next checkup.

“Grab yourself a beverage and a flimsy paper gown, and let’s do this!”

Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old?: The Path of Purposeful Aging
By Richard J. Leider and David A. Shapiro

And, third, three-time best seller (more than 1 million copies), Richard J. Leider has just published, Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old? with David A. Shapiro.

You may know, Richard as one of America’s preeminent executive-life coaches. He is ranked by Forbes as one of the “Top 5” most respected executive coaches, and by the Conference Board as a “legend in coaching.”

Why is this book so important?

Everyone is getting old; not everyone is growing old. But, the path of purposeful aging is accessible to all. And, it’s fundamental to health, happiness, and longevity.

With a focus on growing whole through developing a sense of purpose in later life, this book celebrates the experience of aging with inspiring stories, real-world practices, and provocative questions to help you navigate the path from adulthood to elderhood and to become more authentically the person you always meant to be with each passing year.

You can order these books from a couple of our favorite, local bookstores:

Birchbark Books in Minneapolis
Next Chapter Booksellers in St. Paul (formerly Common Good Books)

Or you can purchase them from the book retailer of your choice.

Wishing you great reading for the very best of health,

Gregory A. Plotnikoff, MD, MTS, FACP