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How A Guided Walk in the Forest Can Heal – KARE11 News

October 1, 2022

Learn how a walk in the forest can benefit your mind, body and spirit

Click HERE to watch our partner David Motzenbecker of Motz Studios Forest Bathing Experiences discuss the Japanese tradition of ‘forest bathing’ with local KARE11 news reporters.

Ironically, this kind of bathing doesn’t require any water.

Forest bathing is a gentle, immersive, intentional and meditative walk through the forest that has been found to reduce stress, boost immune function, as well as increase focus and productivity.

David Motzenbecker is one of the global “Top Ten” of ANFT Certified Forest Therapy Guides, a Forest Therapy Trail Design & Certification Consultant and a trusted, award-winning Landscape Architect practicing since 2001. David has given over 180 walks to over one thousand participants since 2018.

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