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Dr. Plotnikoff – A Thought Leader in Medicine: 2020 In Review

January 30, 2021

While guiding patients with complex, chronic illness on their path to wellness at Minnesota Personalized Medicine, Dr. Plotnikoff is also consistently engaged in cutting edge medicine outside of the clinic. He is a highly-regarded voice in the realm of scientifically grounded integrative medicine.

A summary of his 2020 professional contributions:

Lead author on two chapters for the upcoming 5th edition of David Rakel’s Integrative Medicine textbook (Due in late 2021)

  • Chapter: “Spiritual Assessment and Care” with MPM’s Catherine Duncan, MA, BCC and Paul Galchutt, MPH, MDiv
  • Chapter: “Hypertension” with colleagues Jeffery Dusek, PhD and Chris Foley, MD

Public Presentations

  • American Association of University Women: “The Microbiome’s Contribution to Neurologic Disease”
  • Breast Cancer Education Association: “Optimal Bone Health”

Professional Presentations

  • International Society for Japanese Herbal Medicine: “Research Standards in the Era of Evidence Based Medicine”

Peer Review

  • Over a dozen articles written by other medical professionals


  • Institute for Functional Medicine – Research Standards for Functional Medicine
  • Institute for Functional Medicine – COVID-19 Response

Frequent Contributor

  • MASTerMInds – A national organization of health professionals dedicated to the advancing care of patients with complex manifestations of mast cell activation syndrome

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