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Podcast: A Holistic Approach to Supporting Your Immune System in the Time of COVID-19

April 27, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone’s lives.

Listen here as our Founder & Medical Director Gregory A. Plotnikoff, MD, MTS, FACP and our Integrative & Functional Medicine Consultant Kathleen Hopkins, DO, ACOFP, IFMCP discuss a holistic approach to supporting the immune system with Linda Bluestein, MD of

Watch as Dr. Plotnikoff demonstrates a flow energy maneuver that can be utilized for blocked flow, a common source of persistent pain whether it be physical, emotional or both.

During this time of so much grief and loss, you may find this simple exercise helpful, particularly since it requires no equipment and can be done anywhere.

Also discussed in the video:

  • Nutraceuticals: Curcumin and melatonin 2:48
  • Maintaining a schedule and restoring the circadian rhythm 9:06
  • Managing the emotional impacts of quarantine 11:50
  • Qigong, managing energy and flow exercises 13:06
  • Exercise for fascia 18:45
  • Nutraceuticals: Vitamin D, glutathione, elderberry, medicinal mushrooms and N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) 22:30
  • COVID drugs currently in clinical trials 29:00
  • Repurposed medications like low dose naltrexone 33:30

Remember…..  Fundamentals first, then pharmaceuticals!

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