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What We Do

To serve people challenged by medical mystery, complexity, & severity

Minnesota Personalized Medicine Brings Focus

We seek to understand your uniqueness and help identify the best care options for your health goals. Your personalized options may include prescriptions for diet, exercise, dietary supplements, mind-body self-care, body work, health coaching or spiritual facilitation, acupuncture, and if needed, prescription medications.

personalized medicine doctor checking pulseWe Aim to Be Helpful

Unique to Minnesota Personalized Medicine is our team, our technology, and our approach.

Team: Our team of integrators will ensure an excellent pre-visit and post-visit experience. They can help you identify best strategies and can share with you mind-body self-care skills. Learn more about the MPM team.

Technologies: Deep understanding of one’s biochemical uniqueness provides additional precision in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. MPM provides access to the latest molecular-level information about your uniqueness from breakthroughs in:

  • Genomics
  • Metabolomics
  • Microbiomics

These new technologies are powerful diagnostic tools for mystery illnesses. They also identify with precision what foods, supplements and medications will be most helpful and which ones to avoid. Your personal knowledge enhances your personal power.

Approach: We complement the focused work of our subspecialty colleagues. All too frequently the most complex medical disorders exceed the boundaries of any singular medical discipline or any singular treatment. We add value by looking through the lens of interconnected systems, what has been termed systems biology.

We believe in building upon strong foundations: “Fundamentals First.” And we believe in developing self-awareness. Optimal recovery requires both good foundations and good awareness. The absence of either makes full recovery much more difficult.

How We Are Helpful

We listen deeply. We ask new questions. We connect dots. We incorporate new technologies. We co-create “whole person, whole picture” action plans. And we support recovery and transformation.

Our mission is to co-create an Optimal Recovery Plan with you. We include insights from the new sciences of genetics, metabolism and the microbiome. But this input is not enough.

genomics technology


Analysis of your DNA Blueprint

Metabolomics technology


Analysis of your Biochemical Functioning

Microbiomics technology


Analysis of your Intestinal Bacteria

We also seek new insights that can come from a deep appreciation of one’s story. And, moreover,  we seek new ways to support your capacity to integrate these insights into your daily life.

ChiGong exercise song bowl

Japanese prayer bowl, qi gong exercise
Photo Credit: Caitlin Abrams for Mpls. St.Paul Magazine.

Unique Integration of Heart & Mind, Body & Soul

We believe that for life’s most important questions, the best answers are found rather than given. And our mission is to support your search. We do so by three unique means.

The first is our commitment to fostering histories, not taking histories. When histories are “taken”, something is given up by the patient, rather than gained. Fostering a history ensures a more accurate and more helpful understanding of your experience. And this can lead to new insights and new connections.

The second is our commitment to your continual growth and development. This can include coaching, spiritual facilitation and/or special homework. Additionally, we work closely with the Partners in Resilience and encourage resilience training with them.

And the third is our belief in the Way of Optimal Recovery. This is a continual process, a disciplined journey lived with the integration of body and mind, heart and soul. A life of true integration means sustainable recovery.

Minnesota Personalized Medicine’s Standards are consistent with those of:

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The American Holistic Medical Association

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The American Board of Integrative Medicine

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The Institute of Functional Medicine

The standard of care at Minnesota Personalized Medicine may differ in some areas from those standards deemed acceptable by the Minnesota Medical Association, the Minnesota State Board of Medical Practice, the American Medical Association, the American College of Physicians, and many other organizations who are thought to represent the standard of conventional medical care. Please review our Our Clinic Policies for more information.

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